Where can I stash our coats?
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Flying-to-and-from-warm-weather-filter...Where can I stash our coats so they are handy when we get back?

We are leaving in a few days for Mexico. It's friggin freezing here at home so, naturally, we will be wearing winter coats that morning. I was hoping to stash our coats in a locker at the airport, so that we would have them to put on when we get back to the cold climate. Airports (at least ours) no longer have storage lockers...that 9-11 thing, y'know. We could leave the coats in the car...but that would mean goings some distance in the elements dressed somewhat weather-inappropriately. And they'll be cold as ice when we get back. Any suggestions?
Piggyback question (cause it can't wait a week)...does the "arrive 2-1/2 hours before your flight" rule still apply for international flights? How about on the return flight from Mexico?
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your second question - it's usually 3 hours before international flights (at least that's what it says on all my etickets).

Your first question - leave it in your car or take them with you. duh. A few minutes of cold isn't going to kill you either way.
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Yes, but the US can have a lot of influence with nations like Mexico. I didn't know if Mexican airports had adopted similar guidelines, too.
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you could always, I dunno, call the airlines and ask.
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Does the airport in Mexico have lockers you can use?

Otherwise, just take 'em on the plane. Before I moved back to Florida, when I visited for winter, I just brought the coats with me.
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I've always wondered about the first question (especially if one doesn't have a car), other than doing as mikewas says and just bring them with you (which is what I've done).

As for the second question, I flew to London a couple of weeks ago; arrived at the airport 2 hours early, and spent 1 hour waiting at the gate before boarding. I really think it depends on the time of day and year. The fact that the flight was international didn't seem to have any impact on the checking-in/boarding process.
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If you have any connecting flights, I recommend taking the coats with you. Especially if you're routed through cold cities, you may well find yourself overnighting in a place where coats come in handy.
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Where is your home airport? Quite a few airports offer a staffed baggage storage service, even if they don't offer self-service lockers. Ask your airline, or find a main information number for your airport.

These places usually charge by the piece... so if you've got four coats, put them in a single small bag, and check that.
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When I fly between climates, I just assume that the car on the cold side will have a heater.

(profile based assumption) I flew through Indianapolis a few weeks ago, and I think you'll be fine as long as you're checking in 90 minutes ahead of time. From what I could tell, there's no real danger of unexpected traffic or parking difficulties.

3 hours is to give you time to run 20 minutes late, hit a traffic jam, park in the wrong lot, find the correct terminal, check-in, find gate C32, and make it with 10 minutes to spare.
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Pack one medium-heavy sweater and upon return layer it over a long sleeved top, with a light jacket over all. This ought to laast you til you get your car heated up. In spite of warm weather at your destination, you'll probably need the sweater and jacket at night anyways.
Personally, during the holidays I always give myself the maximum time. Worst that can happen is you have to sit and read for a bit.
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I always just bring my jacket with me. It really isn't that big a deal to have to carry my jacket from the airport to the hotel, and more often than not I have enough room in my luggage to put it in there so I don't even have to carry it.

As for arriving 2.5-3 hours early - I ALWAYS arrive early, and end up waiting for at least an hour or more before my flight. However, I know that the first time I decide to just show up an hour before, the check-in line will be huge and the security line will be huge and I will miss my flight and be screwed. I'd much rather sit around for an hour with my book than be one of those assholes who is holding up the plane's departure.
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I only ever show up 45 minutes before a domestic flight, 1 hour or so before an international flight. I never check baggage, and I use electronic check in, and I've never missed a flight, even in crowded airports.
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