The Sleez Sisters b/w The Fabulous Stains
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I love movies about spunky teens running from the law and becoming folk heroes, like The Legend of Billie Jean or Times Square. The "running from the law" part is negotiable; I like stuff like Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains as well. Spunky teens are a must though!

Inspired by my question about movies about dumb teen boys having adventures, where I was recommended The Legend of Billie Jean.

I love punksploitation, the eighties and nineties, rad costumes, and queer vibes.

I guess Natural Born Killers qualifies but ideally I'm looking for more "fun" movies.
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Now and Then has spunky teens, and adventure. The only crime is some underage smoking and possibly drinking though.
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Pump Up the Volume might work for this.
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Eighties kids were always on the run from the law and on their way to becoming folk heroes, or on the run from invading Russian armies. So:

Red Dawn.
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If you can find it, Bandits (the '97 German movie, not the Bruce Willis movie)--some of the protagonists are probably teens and some aren't, but all are spunky and on the run from the law. They form an all-women rock/punk band in prison and escape, while in the meantime their demo tape becomes a radio hit. Incredibly fun but warning, the ending is kind of bittersweet.

With more spunky kids but less running from the law (although there is definitely some), War of the Buttons is really fun and consistently light-hearted, but not really punk in tone (tone is mostly just "super Irish" in the way of Waking Ned Devine or Secret of Roan Inish).
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Saint Clara is my favorite Israeli teenage punk-ish supernatural apocalyptic love story ever.
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Grand Theft Auto!

The story behind the making of this film is quite interesting: Ron Howard was beginning to get a bit old for playing teenagers, and anyway he wanted desperately to be a director. No one would give him a chance however, until he found Roger Corman. Corman made him the following deal: Howard would make two films for Corman, working for cheap. In the first one, he'd just star. In the second, Howard would star, but he'd also write the script and direct. That second one was "Grand Theft Auto" and it's not bad. No Roger Corman film is ever a masterpiece, of course, but this one was pretty good.

And it opened the direction door for Howard. The following year he got to make a TV movie, and four years after that he made "Night Shift". Two more years and he made "Splash" and after that the sky was the limit. (Or beyond the sky, "Apollo 13"...) And now Howard is one of the most respected directors in Hollywood.
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Branching out a bit, maybe try
Linda, Linda, Linda
Duck Season
Show Me Love
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I feel like Night of the Comet (1985ish) fits here, but it's been a while since I watched it.
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Repo Mam.
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Starstruck (1982) has spunky teens, colorful costumes, lots of music and a very gay production number.
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The Warriors?
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hackers. Computer whiz and his friends in bad 80s outfits fight bad guys and evil computer virus while outwitting the Secret Service.
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