Citation Manager Advice for Amateur Historian?
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I'm writing an article for my local historical society that I may expand into a book. Can anyone help me choose a citation manager?

The historical society uses Chicago footnote style for references. I'm writing in Scrivener on OS X. The vast majority of my sources are newspaper articles (from microfilm and sites like Chronicling America), but I am also citing public documents, personal interviews, etc. I've never used a citation manager before. Cheaper is better, but I am not adverse to spending money either.
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I use Zotero and it does a great job although it's a bit slow. Mendeley is also good. Both a free.
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As a historian, I use Zotero, and recommend it to others. Works great.
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Zotero all the way. Here are some guides. There are other citation management programs but Zotero is robust and free. You can also get Google Docs to do it, sort of, with Google Scholar and the Research tool. But Zotero is built the ground up to be all about research.
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I migrated from Zotero to Mendeley. It's interesting, because Mendeley was designed more for science use, but the interface is so much cleaner and simpler (hmm, science, you're onto something) and I like the way it stores and searches PDFs.
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