PayPal fundraising for unions
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How would one best go about using PayPal for donations to a union local that is currently on strike in Canada? This workflow would be set up by a group that are not members of the local, but other workers at the same site. I see in the "service requiring pre-approval" section of their AUP that collecting donations as a nonprofit requires one to go through compliance, but it doesn't say anything about collecting donations for a nonprofit. This doesn't really fall into the PayPal political fundraising realm either. Can someone who has experience in PayPal fundraising shed some light on dos and don'ts, as we don't want funds to get frozen? Big thanks in advance.
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I was looking through the unanswered questions, and while I don't have a good answer for you, check out the answers to this question. Basically, it's difficult to collect donations for a nonprofit using Paypal, but there may be other sites you can use.
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