Recommend to me some more early 20th century Asian music
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So I've been obsessed with Legend of Korra (shock, I know), and part of the reason I love it so much is the Art Deco/Jazz Age style in an East Asian setting. I want to get more into the actual historical sources and music for that era. I've found a collection of pre-war Japanese albums, but can anyone recommend to me more musicians or collections I should be looking into?

For example:
"Left My Heart in Republic City" from Legend of Korra
"Wakare no Blues" by Aoya Noriko
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It’s getting toward mid-20th century, but perhaps Antique Shanghai Pop Music 1930-49 might interest you (MeFi post about it).
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You should look into jazz from Shanghai especially from the 1920s.

This book is a good resource.

Here is a cool story about where they are now.

There's a very old band that still plays music from that era at the Fairmont hotel in Shanghai. Quite a sight. (And sound).

Additionally, the music from India's jazz age is pretty epic too. Check out Taj Mahal Foxtrot.

Are you interested in anything else beyond jazz?

My buddy wrote and drew this graphic novel about rock music from Singapore in the '60s. Really cool. I think he was featured on MF a while back.
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Not exactly what you're looking for but similar, I hope: Ethiopiques, Ethiopian jazz from the early 50s and Dengue Fever, a cambodian cover band from LA.
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