Stereo Repair House Call in Dallas
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I have an old late 60's / early 70's console stereo system and the turntable is broken. The thing is a beast and it's impossible for me to bring in somewhere for repair. I've asked everyone I know, but no one knows of any place that makes house calls.

I've tried Dallas Vintage Audio, but no luck on getting someone to come out. Shame, because they look like they do good work.

Any Dallas Mefites have a suggestion for me?
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You should be able to remove the turntable. Post a pic.
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Response by poster: Turtable pic.
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I had a similar issue years ago with my charming/cumbersome 50s console. The repair place recommended that I unplug the thing, and sever the wire that powered the turntable. You will have to go through the back of the console and study how everything is connected. I'm no electronics expert, but it wasn't hard to identify the wire that supplied the power. After I cut that with a wirecutter, I located the main attachment screws, removed them and the turntable was free. At the shop, they were able to temporarily power it up again for troubleshooting. Once I got the parts I needed, (just a new belt and a new needle) I went home and soldered the wire I had cut, reattached the screws, belt and needle, and I was back in business.

If I had to do it again, I would have taken lots of pictures of the original configuration before cutting the wire, etc.
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Nice looking unit.

Have a poke around it, including underneath, and have a go at lifting the turntable out. You may have to disconnect audio and power cables but it will definitely be possible. You may have to undo a couple of screws which could be concealed.
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You know, they say owning a VW bus is a great choice for people who like to spend time fixing old cars. I think owning a vintage stereo console is pretty much the same deal. The best place I know to get good advice for this would be the Antique Radio Forums where there are folks who work on these things all the time. In what way is your turntable broken, by the way? (The turntable looks like one of Garrard's OEM units; nothing too fancy but better than average for a console.)
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Response by poster: The problem is that the turntable won't turn. If you spin it manually sound does come out. It is not a belt drive (all my previous turntables have been).
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Yeah, this changer will be an idler drive. If someone who knows can tell you how to remove the platter, you should be able to figure out what's up. Is the motor shaft turning? Is the rubber on the idler wheel completely rotted? Is there a broken spring that should be keeping the idler wheel in contact with the motor shaft and the underside rim of the platter? Should be pretty straightforward once you can get a look at it.
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Most of the time to get the platter off:

Put one hand either side of the platter.
Lift slightly.
Ask an assistant to sharply strike the center pin with the handle end of a large screwdriver.
You will probably find yourself holding the platter.
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There is probably a metal clip that needs to be removed first. This forum post shows how it's done on a different Garrard model, but from what they say yours (which I think is an Autoslim/P) should be similar. Once the little metal clip is off, the platter can be lifted right up.
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Response by poster: Looks like I'll shift my focus to removing the turntable and bringing it in. Everyone's answers were helpful. Thanks so much!
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