Watch out for my new favorite watch
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My beloved Casio wristwatch just died. Help me find a suitably brightly-colored replacement.

I've had this watch in yellow for five years and it's kind of become a signature accessory for me. Much to my disappointment, Casio discontinued the yellow one, and I don't like the colors they still do make. Help me find a watch that is:

- Digital
- Small enough for my small lady-wrists
- Makes it easy to change time zones
- Obnoxiously brightly-colored (yellow or bright cyan would be ideal)
- Pretty clean-looking without an overcomplicated display (which kinda rules out most of the other Casio models, unless they look way more awesome in person than on Amazon)
- Durable enough to last me another five years, at least

So far I think this and this look OK, but I don't know how easy they are to use. Tell me all about the best colorful watches, please! (Or if there's some secret eBay Platinum Reserve for discontinued Casio watch colors, let me know.)
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Ooh, that second one is coooooooool. (The one on Amazon) Only one left! Get it get it!
posted by sexyrobot at 11:47 AM on March 11, 2015

If they run out of the second watch, New Egg's got it for a few bucks more.
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How does this cyan Puma look? It comes in a few other blues and one yellow one, too. (Your old one is totally rad, by the way. Big shoes to fill!)
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Look through the various nookas.

Plenty of them are pretty neon. I got a friend one as a birthday present years ago and he still wears it all the time.

And yes, they come in a million styles and colors. This? Or even better maybe This? There's also this, and this. They're like the neon Anamanaguchi music video watch specialists.
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Did you check out the crazy TokyoFlash catalog?
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Response by poster: In case anyone's wondering, I wound up giving up on my first criterion (digital display) and buying a Swatch Shunbukin.
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