Help me fix my roommates treadmill
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I was using my roommates Profom 750cs Treadmill and now it's malfunctioning. Can you help me fix it?

So I was running on my roommate's treadmill today (an older Proform 750 CS). I did my usual run and then stopped it. Then just to be dumb I pushed the belt with my feet to see if it would register on the speedometer. The treadmill started up which surprised me. Then it started accelerating. The stop key wouldn't work.

I pulled the plug on it. Then I plugged it back in. This time it started up and then started accelerating quickly up to 10mph. I tried leaving it off for 10 minutes but the same thing happened.

None of the controls would work except for the incline.

I contacted the company and they suggested firmly massaging the buttons on the treadmill because one could have gotten stuck. I did that, and now it doesn't start up automatically, and you can control the speed. But the stop and start buttons don't work and the program button doesn't work.

I did the massaging thing 4-5 times, no luck.

I don't think that me pushing the belt has anything to do with it at this point but I'm confused.

The buttons are those chicklet kind of buttons, they are flat and there is no click.

I'm wondering if I took the panel apart and sprayed it with some WD-40 or something similar, would I be able to clean out the buttons? Perhaps there is some sweat in there? Or would I likely do more damage? At the moment, it's useable, so I don't want to make it worse. They don't supply parts for it anymore.

Any suggestions?
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Response by poster: Thanks you lord it just fixed itself.
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Can you let us know how you fixed it? It's like reading half a mystery novel.
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Response by poster: I'm not sure. I had done the button rubbing thing a number of times but only got the speed control back, the program and start stop buttons weren't working. I let it be for a while and wrote this ASK and then went back and plugged it in again and it's all working.

I'm assuming in the interim whatever was sticking in the switch let loose. I'm not sure which switch it was.

I also found out: use treadmills are pretty cheap on ebay and craigslist.
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