Please reccommend an accountant in Los Angeles
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I need an accountant in L.A., preferably somewhere between downtown and Mid-City.

Extenuating circumstances: I have a large creative (film) project coming up, for which I have set up an LLC and which I am personally funding. I also freelance heavily as well as working a regular job. Ideally I'd like someone who understands the intersection of all these things, as well as "gotchas" like City of L.A. Business tax.

NB: *Not* looking for a film production accountant, but rather a personal CPA for a filmmaker.

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Bruce Miller in Sherman Oaks is just what you're describing - except out of your geographic area. To mitigate, during tax season he has appointments on Saturdays and Sundays. (However, if you're looking for tax help for this year they're 100% booked, so the most they can do for you now is file an extension and make you an appointment for after 4/15.)
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Response by poster: Thanks! Clarification: I don't need help with this year's return; it's more about advice for best practices going into next year and the future.
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