Lost my driver's license, now what?
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I'm an out-of-state student in Boston, and I lost my driver's license this past Thursday. I realized I lost it on Monday, so I've started carrying around my US passport for identification. I've called all stores, restaurants, and bars I've been to this weekend, and no one seems to have found it. What are my next steps? I am getting a duplicate license from my home state's DMV. Please help me out MeFi!!
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What else are you concerned about? It seems like you've got all your bases covered, assuming you're not missing any credit cards along with it.
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Check your state's dmv web site, the Mass site let's you print a temporary until the new one is mailed.
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Do you drive regularly? If not, the only place I can imagine having any trouble is bars and many bars won't care. As long as you (and whoever you're meeting up with) are aware that you might get refused entry, you're fine.
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As someone who lost their passport let me tell you that if you lose that passport you have a HELL of a bigger problem than if you just lose a lousy license.

You need your license to apply for a replacement passport, but you do not need other ID to replace your license. In my state you just need the info that's on the license to replace it (including the number). If you do not have a DMV ID you will not get your passport replaced even if you already pay the exorbitant replacement fee which is over $200 and they don't refund you any of it if you're missing something in the application. While losing your license I think it costs no more than 5 or 10 bucks to replace.

If I were you I'd rather walk around without any ID than walk around with my passport. Walking around with my passport as ID is how I lost it. You will have your DMV license soon so you're fine.
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Check the Mass regulations for driving without a license. If they issue fix-it tickets, where you'd get 10 days to show up with proof, that's the worst that'll happen if you're stopped before you receive your replacement.

If they ding you for a bunch of money, maybe don't drive until you get your replacement.

In theory, you ordered your dupe license online and got a confirmation, which you should have printed out (or saved, whatever - I send that kind of thing to Evernote). If it was emailed to you, you can print that out.

There's not anything to panic about, I don't think.
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I am getting a duplicate license from my home state's DMV.

Then there are no next steps.
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Response by poster: Yup, it's just my license that's lost, no credit cards. I guess my main concern at this point is identity theft. Should I be contacting credit reporting agencies? Filing a police report?
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Your name, address, and driver license number are public record unless you have some sort of special court order to protect that information. As long as the issuing agency knows it's been lost (which, obviously, they do now), it might live a second life getting people into bars/beers but there's not anything serious they can do with it because it'll come up as de-activated when scanned/swiped.
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If you're worried about identity theft, it's a good idea to apply to put a fraud alert on your credit file. And it's free as well.
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