Dad Needs Help With Medical Forms - Ideas?
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My 87 year old Dad is awash in medical bills. He'd like not to spend most of his time filling them out. Is there the equivalent of an accountant, but who fills out medical paperwork? Where would I find such a person? (He's in New York City.)
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What sort of paperwork is he getting that he needs help with? Is it just secondary payments (does he have a secondary plan picking up after Medicare?), or is there more?
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According to general information published by the New York City Bar Legal Referral Service, a durable power of attorney can authorize an agent to handle "health care billing and payment matters; records, reports and statements," and the lawyer referral service offers a free or low-cost consultation with an attorney for specific advice and referrals.
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Response by poster: He has Medicare and insurance through the NY teacher's union. (Mom is a professor.) The problem is not paying for it, the problem is that each medical intervention generates five bills, which require five forms to respond to.

He doesn't need a lawyer, he needs someone to prepare the paperwork, the way he has an accountant who fills out his tax forms.
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The New York City Bar may offer referrals to "other helpful resources" beyond legal assistance. Since there appears to be a legal issue related to your question, I was thinking that a referral service like this is a place to start, because they may be able to explain how to have an accountant (or similar agent) perform these tasks, and they may have ideas about how to find a reputable service.
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There are definitely friendly folks who handle this type of paperwork for seniors for an hourly rate. My mother has used them in Illinois and Florida. So don't give up looking. (Unfortunately, I don't have a specific recommendation for NYC.)
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My dad is the same age. My sister is an MD and it took her two days to figure out his bills, it's that crazy! Have you checked to see if the union that provides his non-Medicare insurance has people who can help with this? Or maybe someone at a local senior center or council for the aging can recommend someone? You could also maybe post it on mefi jobs?
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Best answer: I think the kind of help you're looking for is offered by members of the Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals.

Claims Assistance Professionals (CAPs) advocate for you with your insurance company and providers. With years of experience in medical claims, a CAP is your champion, stepping in as needed to resolve problems and facilitate claims payment.

CAPs help ensure you receive all the health insurance benefits to which you are entitled. They make sure your bills are accurate, inform you about your options, and decipher and manage the endless paperwork.

Their Find a CAP page lists two members in NYC.
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There are definitely services that offer this help to elderly folks, I've seen references to them here in California. Start with his local senior center and/or Council for the Aging. You could also ask his PCP's office if they have referrals.
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