Obsessed in organising your music files? Me, too. I need your help.
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What's a great alternative to iTunes? (I'm using a Mac.)

Okay, so I am really obsessed with organising my audio files. When I was still using Windows I relied heavily on MediaMonkey. It was my saviour. But because there's no native Mac version of it, I feel a little doomed. (I read that there's some port of some sort but it's not working as well as it should.) I have more or less 2TB worth of audio - a combination of music, podcasts, audiobooks, etc. I need to be able to organise all of these without going insane.

Do you know of a great alternative to iTunes that I can use? Important features on MediaMonkey that I used often:
- Ability to automatically organize within the program (i.e. rename/change filenames on hard drive itself into a logical hierarchy, move files into different directory, create new folders, etc)
- Ability to edit in batches (i.e. select all 18 tracks of one album and edit album name, etc)
- Ability to sort into genres
- Ability to connect with reliable databases for correct data and album art (Amazon, Allmusic, etc) + identify tracks with missing information
- Ability to subscribe to podcasts + download new episodes + search for new podcasts
- Ability to create, edit, organise playlists
- Can sync to iPod
- Last.FM integration
- Display lyrics of a song
- Support other files than MP3

I only plan on just using iTunes to sync and back-up my phone. I have never been a fan of using it to organise files because it is freakishly slow and it's just not capable of doing what I want to do.

Any recommendations would be lovely, and thanks.
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The Mac version of Quod Libet has come a long way in the last six months or so. I'm not sure if it has everything you are looking for, but I've found it to be feature rich, massively customizable, and a much more enjoyable experience than iTunes ever was. Open source to boot!
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While not an iTunes alternative for playing or organizing, for encoding sound files or extracting from CDs the must-have free program is XLD.

It’ll let you do things like encode AACs in True VBR mode (amazing but still not available within iTunes’ options); encode in MP3 using the LAME encoder; read CDs using a variety of error detection and correction techniques; pull in track names and artwork from MusicBrainz.org and elsewhere.

The only downside is that while feature-rich the documentation from the developer is practically nonexistent. Once you figure out everything you need to know, it’s wonderful.
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For organising (filenames, metadata) I use Musicbrainz Picard. Not the simplest thing to get to grips with, but so good.
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not the perfect player you're describing, but, coming from someone that has an identical ocd perspective and a similarly massive digital audio library, i've found it to be so refreshing for years and years.

unfortunately ipod sync got dropped..... used to be you could send .flac to an ipod with foo_dop, but alas.......
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In case anyone is still watching this thread, just want to give an update after testing several players in the past few months.

Right now I am recommending Clementine, which was suggested to me in a previous Ask. It is the closest to MediaMonkey in terms of function that I am looking for above.
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