custom photo check printing online?
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Does anyone have suggestions for a good site (that they've actually ordered products from) for custom photo checks - i.e., where you provide your own artwork for the check background?

I did fairly extensive googling in the past, and ordered from a place called "Artistic Checks". The results looked o.k., but their printing process produced a very slick (as in glossy, not as in good-looking) surface that's hard to write on with anything but a sharpie. Also, quite a few of sites I found seemed to be affiliate sellers for the same underlying printer, with the same clunky check design interface and super-limited choice of fonts.

So again: looking for first-hand experience, specific to user-supplied background art checks.
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Both checks unlimited and checks in the mail do this
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I second Checks unlimited. I have been doing business with them. They have decent pricing and promo codes right on the front page of their website, but not great. sounds like a great idea.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestion. I take it that neither of you has ordered photo checks from Checks Unlimited before, though? Their design widget seems very similar to Artistic Checks' widget. I have a feeling that most of these sites are either owned by the same company, or are part of some sort of affiliate program... due to the way that the options available (fonts, formats, etc.) are quite similar, as are the design widgets. I'm trying to avoid buying from the same printer as my last attempt - whatever process they're using to do the photo checks produces a terrible, waxy, hard to write on result.
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