Any cool WAP sites out there?
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Can somebody suggest any cool WAP sites (I know, that's a bit of an oxymoron). All there seems to be are news, traffic and games and ringtone download sites. Also, does anybody know of a good WAP directory? One that doesn't list sites that have been dead since 2001...
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No, but I have been playing a bit with mini opera which you can install on most modern web enabled browsers. Makes standard web pages a bit more usable.
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I really like my local transportation service's WAP site ( I don't ride the Bus/Max frequently enough to have the schedule memorized, so it comes in handy when I need to figure out how to get somewhere and when/where I need to be to make that happen. Look for something similar in your town.
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I think some of the online RSS aggregators work with most phones. If you have a bloglines account, check it out.
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I have a fractal website and I have set up a mobile version of it. Pretty pictures on your mobile device:
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Unfortunately I haven't had much luck finding directories for nifty/fun mobile-accessible content.
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I found most of my favorites from reading this thread over at Howard Forums.
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Google Maps via WAP. Mobile GMaps.
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I'm not sure how up to date listings are (or for PDA users), but I do know that the "big wave of the future" is porn and phone sex sites using WAP technology.

I know for a fact that Danni Ashe has launched a mobile version of her members site, and several of the Phone Dommes that I know are working on WAPsites.
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