Last minute trip to Mexico or Caribbean on a budget
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I have a week off next week, and am looking to book a last-minute trip to somewhere warm for a few days, flying from the northeast US. I'm thinking the Caribbean or Mexico, but open to other ideas. My budget is up to $700US for flights and 4-5 nights accommodation, and I don't want a spring break type trip. Am I asking the impossible?

I would like a beach (or some other natural scenery), a town with some semblance of local character (though I recognize anywhere easily accessible will have a big tourist presence) to wander around, and decent local food. I'll be traveling alone, and plan to spend my time reading and people watching, with maybe a day trip or two if there's interesting stuff nearby.

I am uninterested in all-inclusive resorts unless they are a spectacularly good deal, and are close to a town where I can get non-resort food some days. I definitely am not looking for a party scene.

I can fly from NYC or Philly. My best option at the moment is San Jose del Cabo - I've found $450 flights and it looks like there's cheap guest houses there, but I'm worried it will be overrun with spring break trips. There are even cheaper flights to Bermuda, but accommodation is over $100 a night minimum. I'd love to go to Oaxaca and check out the food, but the flights are too pricey. I thought about Puerto Rico, but it seems difficult to get anywhere without a car. Other ideas?
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Puerto Rico is doable without a car. Old San Juan is fun and fascinating with great food and people watching. I would have no trouble filling a week there. There is transit in San Juan, but I found it a little daunting (and my high school Spanish is not terrible).

It might be cheaper to fly to San Juan than Vieques, but I understand that Vieques is also doable without a car and would be more beachy (the beaches in San Juan are not so great).
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There are some safety concerns around traveling in Haiti right now, but if you're feeling adventurous, this package is cheap! Four nights with airfare include for $589 from NYC.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers. This ended up being all too hard and I had a holiday-at-home, which was relaxing even if not warm!
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