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I have developed an unhealthy obsession with Juno, Swervedriver, The Appleseed Cast, Compound Red and Art of Fighting. What other bands would you suggest in the same vein?
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For instrumental music try Tristeza or Rumah Sakit, maybe. One of the guys from Compound Red has a new band called Chariots Race, but I don't believe they sound like Compound Red.
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Juno's FREAKING awesome! Do you have their split EP with the dismemberment plan. "Non-Equivalents" is one song that I can't get enough of.

but uh try Pandora, LivePlasma for recommendations.
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Well, I remember listening to tons of swervedriver in the early 90's along with other shoegazer british bands like Ride (early), my bloody valentine, chapterhouse etc... But Swervedriver was louder and more aggressive than the others. But they all were really cool to listen to. AMG lists the realted artists to explore. As for the others I haven't a clue.
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Drill for Absentee, Giant's Chair.
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I'm with stavx... I mostly remember Swervedriver in that context. I might also add Catherine Wheel to that.
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damn...forgot Catherine Wheel!!!... Black Metallic LIVE was the godhead
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The Appleseed Cast is very unlike the others mentioned, but considering they're my favorite band, you may get a shitload out of my mp3 blog: Thee Silver Mt. Zionist
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Swervedriver rocked a little harder than did a typical shoegazer act, but you may find this list helpful.

Also, Hum sounds a bit like Swervedriver, and are just as good, IMO.
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Thirty Ought Six FREAKING RULE and are very much in this vein.

See also Juno's former labelmates Shiner who are terrific and right up this alley. Both Lula Divinia and The Egg are good.

Also, from the ashes of Shiner spings another great band The Life and Times, that I would actually describe as somewhere right between Juno and Swervedriver.

I would also reccommend Hum's underrated You'd Prefer an Astronaut, as well as Failure and Explosions in the Sky.

And also obviously Jawbox, who practially invented this style and the bassist of which founded DeSoto Records which Juno, Compound Red and Shiner all put out records on.
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Sorry, didn't refresh before posting Kwantsar. I defer Hum to you...
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If you enjoy Swervedriver checkout Lift to Experience.
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Hum's first album isn't underrated, it's the second one that everyone hated.
Similar to Hum is Hugh.
Aggressive shoegaze? Sounds of Confusion by Spacemen 3.
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To clarify: I believe that Hum record is underrated in that many people still have never heard of them, despite the fact that Stars was a minor radio hit.

Also, You'd Prefer An Astronaut was their second album; their follow-up to that Downward is Heavenward (which I didn't like that much personally) actually has a slightly higher Amazon rating with more reviews, so I think it overstates the case to say the record is hated.
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I second what Heminator said.
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