Am I converting USD to Icelandic dollars correctly?
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This is probably a dumb question, what with all the converters available online, but I'm actually confused.

If something costs 251.290 ISK what is that in U.S. dollars? The converters online are not giving me the correct amount when I type it this way (which is how it is typed in the icelandic advertisement). If I move the decimal to the end then I get a number that seems like it might be correct, but now I'm nervous to get it wrong because it seems to me the converters should be equipped to use the decimal where icelanders put it. no?

Math-ings make my head hurtz. :(
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Iceland is one of the countries that uses a [ . ] instead of a [ , ] to separate thousands. So it'd be about $1841.
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Iceland uses decimals as a thousands separator, as there's actually no denomination of the krona less than 1 krona anymore (so it's not 251 krona and .290th of a krona). Replacing the decimal with a comma (or eliminating it) should get the right conversion, which looks like around $1850 USD.
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