Bay Area photographer for small wedding
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Hello. My dad was recently diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, so my sister scheduled a very small spur-of-the-moment wedding on Friday March 27 in Berkeley. Do you know any good photographers- wedding or otherwise- in the Bay Area who would be willing to step in?

The wedding will be attended by nine people, including the bride and groom, and will be held at home. There will be a short Jewish ceremony and then we will have an informal lunch. No toasts or dancing or anything. I know the job may be too small to be worth someone's time but I thought I'd put feelers out there nonetheless.
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Try Tristan Crane. (Full disclosure, he's a pal of mine.) He lives in Oakland, and might have availability.
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You can also try kelly freedman.
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You can list the job on (it's free to post jobs there) you'll most likely get 5 photographers with very different portfolios, and you get to pick ther person whose work you like the best. I don't work for thumbtack, but I am a photographer and have found several jobs through thumbtack.
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Try Roseann Bath; we just did a family photo shoot at Tilden in Berkeley. She's great! Here is her website.
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Sara Press - she has a lovely, sensitive energy as a person, and a beautiful portfolio.
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Emily Takes Photos. She has come through for a few friends at the last minute, is very reasonable, and takes some lovely family shots.
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Gabriel Harber is Oakland based, really nice guy married to a friend (and an awesome photographer). He might be able to help you out in a pinch since you're local.

His family work is pretty awesome as well so he may be able to capture some really lasting moments.
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