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i've been living in NC for about a year (where i grew up). i came here to do what i needed to do to get myself together, and i've done that. now i'm ready to move somewhere that meets my other needs/wants. but i don't know where to go! details inside...

-i'd like to stay on the east coast, if possible
-i'd like to stay in the southeast, if possible (but i'm totally not opposed to moving north)
-i'd live to live in a medium-sized city - nothing like chicago or new york
-i want to be somewhere with a lively hardcore/punk community, if there is a straight edge scene, even better.
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Washington, DC meets all of those measurements. Straightedge kinda sorta started there, depending on the origin story you believe. It's not SE per se, but close enough. Neighborhoods like Mt. Pleasant have gotten a lot more expensive in the last decade, but still retain some cheap rooms to rent in punk-y group houses.
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Philadelphia - area on the cusp of University city and West philly
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Memphis! The music scene here is really great. Cost of living is low. The high crime stats that we get dinged for all the time are a result of our extremely high reporting standards, not because someone is getting robbed or murdered on every street corner.

The new residents I speak to are always amazed at the quality of life here.
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Louisville, KY. It's my hometown, but like a lot of similarly sized cities in the Midsouth, it's a great place to find a niche and make a name for yourself. The hardcore/punk scene was obviously bigger in the 80s,but it lives on at venues like Headliners, Uncle Slaton's, Z-bar, Mag Bar, Haymarket, etc. Plus there's a really interesting growth in a kind of hardcore Bluegrass thing that is unique to the area.

If you haven't visited yet, you should consider making a trip this spring or summer when the city really shines. There's multiple shows every week, bars close at 4 am, and there are dozens of affordable AirBnB options in the Old Louisville, Butchertown and Germantown areas.

One thing: if you drink but don't like bourbon yet, you might want to start acclimating now...
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Charleston - don't know about hardcore/punk but it's a college town and they seem to have a growing downtown area.
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Response by poster: richmond is definitely on my shortlist - i lived there for about 12 years and it was rad. but i'm liking these other ideas, too! thanks!
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