Adult Swim track on "all times/music eastern."
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Does anyone know what the artist / song name in the Adult Swim bump that reads "All Times and Music are eastern?" It is cool and I can't find it.
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"All Times and Music Eastern"
Is called: Mandeer
And it is unreleased and from the Turner Music Library. It's a stock cue.

First result from a Yahoo search for "cartoon network" "music eastern". The post just above the one I quoted has added advice:

The best bet to find out the names of these songs is to trudge through the glut of music threads on the adultswim forums."
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From the general FAQ at

Q. Those tunes you play during the cards are tiiiight. Where can I find a list of what you're playin'?

A. The vast majority of music on Adult Swim is comprised of a gigantic corporate library known in the industry as royalty-free or "Needle-Drop" music. Entertainment corporations often pay an upfront fee to license this music for a specific period of time, during which they can use it however they want. Very rarely, however, music is solicited by our producers on a case-by-case basis. Information on Adult Swim music is also provided on the message boards by Tao-Te-Swim and his right-hand man, MrHang. Look for those floated threads inside the Williams Street Culture folder.

Do a quick search for "Mandeer" at ("your Production Music choice for the most comprehensive musical selection worldwide, with more than 38,000 compositions and 1,900 CDs at your command"), and you'll hear the piece in question.
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Fantastic mediareport! I appreciate it.
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The Firstcom library does have some music that's commercially available -- I used to work for a company that had a Firstcom license and recognized music by the groups Checkfield and Latitude. Basically the artists (whose music was credited to the musicians' individual names rather than the group name in the Firstcom library) were repurposing and repackaging music they'd already released on an album. So, that cue could theoretically be available on a record somewhere. Not likely though.
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Anybody know if these production libraries are academically available? Could I get free access through my university?
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You could always ask Firstcom.
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