Ideas for interactive presentation?
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Professional presentation to 200 educators. Presenter would like to add audience participation through technology - probably phone/internet. What budget options available that will work anywhere without tech onsite?

The boss is heading up over (Europe) in a couple of weeks and presenting the results of our research to an audience of around 200 non-english* speakers. Ideas for making a presentation interactive? We tend to use PowerPoint (it needs to be PC technology because that's what the boss does) and we were thinking of setting up something like SurveyMonkey or other website for participants to access through their mobile (cell) phones via tiny URL and/or QR code. That said, budget of say $300, set up person (me) expert sort of end user. What have you got for me?

*language won't be a barrier, but the boss (who is a leader in field of education) would like to show what's possible and (relatively) easy to accomplish. In terms of what to get audience to do, we (she) can come up with heaps of things, but feel free to share ideas and experiences.

I'm not opposed to using Prezi (or other package) but only want to put boss through learning curve if it can do something special with interaction.

The venue will not have any special technology like voting sets.
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Best answer: GoSoapBox is pretty nice - no sign-ups required for participants, and it can handle a wide range of live interaction possibilities.
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Best answer: At my school we use Kahoot! for live quizzes and competition during staff development.
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Best answer: Definitely Kahoot - it's free and platform-agnostic. And it's both easy to use and fun.
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