Help me find these retro glasses!
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I am trying to find the glasses in this photo. I asked the girl wearing them where she got them and she told me Chinatown in her area, but I'm coming up empty on Etsy, ebay, Amazon, Poshmark, etc. Can you help me find them?

Keywords I've tried:

Jackie O

I think they're not available in pink (the girl in the photo definitely painted hers). I'm okay with that so long as I find them in some color with clear or no lenses. How would you describe the frames, and do you know where I can get them?
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Less Jackie O and more Twiggy?

Kind of like these?
posted by Ostara at 11:30 PM on March 4, 2015

Response by poster: Another set of reference photos...
posted by Hermione Granger at 11:31 PM on March 4, 2015

Are these close?

[Or these?]
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Response by poster: Not quite, Ostara and Argonauta. The two pairs you're linking to are too round and uniform. The one's I'm looking for have a flare/thicker edge on the outside. Thank you though!!
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Something from this site? Maybe these?
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Apparently Iris Apfel's own designs are all sunglasses , but maybe a search around her name would work?
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They remind me of the novelty myopia glasses you see in reject shops. I think they're sometimes sold with eyes painted on them also. I'm on my phone walking so can't link, but that's where to google your fu to.
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I found these on Ebay. And these in China. And finally these and these. (You might need to remove the lenses.)
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Some people refer to this style as "bug eye" (which I don't think is quite right). They're also oversize too.
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Best answer: Try looking for round costume glasses. These Jackie glasses look close, but they are sunglasses and you'd have to pop the lenses out.
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The girl in the picture is (I am pretty certain) dressed up as Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6. However that character's glasses are not quite as round as the ones in the picture so cosplay searches did not turn up anything quite exactly like the ones you linked.
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Response by poster: I will be cosplaying as Honey Lemon as well, but I want the roundness since Honey Lemon's more square frames don't suit my face all that well. :)

Ursula, your search terms yielded a bunch of sunglasses that I can pop the lenses out of and paint! That'll work for now until I find the same ones that are in the picture (which came with clear lenses to start). Thank you!!
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Best answer: I bought these glasses at Yankee Trader in Columbus, Ohio.
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These look like the ones in your picture. However they only seem to want to sell you 20 pairs at a time. And you surely don't need them by now anymore. Still, just in case it's useful to anyone else... and just so you know, I'm not obsessed at all. I can quit anytime! *mutters incoherently*
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(I'll stop now, I promise. Look, I've stopped. Please put the phone down.)
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