LA + baby + travel = SUPER GREAT, right?
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The husband, the baby and I are flying to LA for a week on very short notice (Saturday). I'll be busy for most of the days; he'll be bopping around with the kid (and is familiar with the area). We'll have one full day for fun together. Ideas and tips?

The baby is seven months old and is very chill and adaptable. As long as she can look at stuff, she's great. We will most likely be in a hotel near LAX, but my husband's cousin lives in Van Nuys and we'll probably be over there at least once. (Yes, I know they're nowhere near each other.) We plan to have a car and a stroller (and a baby carrier pack).

People will probably recommend wandering around Santa Monica and Venice. Got it. What about something more relaxing/not on my feet? I would veg in the hotel room, but I feel like that's a waste when we're in California. (And I am pasty and pudgy, so swimming is eh.)

We usually love to go find good restaurants, but I don't know how things will go with the baby. She is great in restaurants, but we are on Central time -- oh, and Daylight Savings is this weekend! Bonus! -- so I'm guessing we can just have her sleep in the carrier? What are some good places that won't mind a sleeping baby? (Last time I was there, I went to Providence and Bucato. This trip will include at least one trip to Del Taco.)

We haven't actually traveled with a baby before. Is it unheard of to try and find child care so we could get a night out? Once she conks out, she's out -- and it'll probably be about 4 p.m.

Can we take the baby to the Getty? (Either of them...)

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Restaurant-wise, I think you'll be fine in plenty of great restaurants if you go on the early side. Which might make sense considering your time zone.

Some great restaurants that will be cool with a sleeping baby:

Connie and Teds
Plan Check

The Getty will be fine. LACMA is a great option too - you can wander the museum and then relax on the grass if the weather's nice. Plus there's food trucks along Wilshire.
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Hotels will often help you find childcare.
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Response by poster: Looks like we'll probably do our free day (Tuesday) going up the PCH to/past Malibu. Any ideas there?

What are some good beaches where we can get out and do a cursory wade without a ton of hassle? (I know it's cold cold cold...)
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Point Dume. There are some restaurants along the coast (not sure if you've checked your MeMail but there's also a Thai place that gets good reviews). Or pack sandwiches and snacks. Beautiful area.*

*just as a heads up, you might see sea lions in distress (or post distress) all along the coast.
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Response by poster: In case anyone could use this info later:

The highlight was a last-minute meal at Lucques. We'd had a long day of meandering around in the car and had nearly run out of gas next to the Playboy Mansion. (Pro tip: there are absolutely no gas stations at the top of the Hollywood Hills.) We wanted a solid meal, but Connie & Ted's had a long wait.

Somehow I got it into my head that it'd be totally cool to call this James Beard-winning place and ask if they'd mind a random couple bringing in a baby who might not make it through the meal. The host could not have been nicer, talking about his own kids and sharing that he was actually from our area as well. The waitstaff (all of them, not just our own) stopped by to say hi and make faces at the baby, who was super well behaved for being 100% off her schedule, and they gave us a little cup of roasted root veggies to try with her. It was warm and friendly, and it was exactly what we needed.

We actually stayed in Burbank at the Marriott Burbank Airport, which was decent. They had a concierge service which gave us a babysitting recommendation, and she arrived (from VENTURA!) and we had a nice evening out. But oh my god so many valet tips.

We go to a KinderCare in our hometown, and there was a KinderCare in LA that allowed drop-in care (and was known as a good place). So we considered dropping her off one of those days, but on our free day the weather was so nice that we just brought her along for a nice long drive.

On our free day, we went up the PCH through Malibu and ended up at Duke's, which seemed totally touristy (lots of, like, high school kids and their grandmas) but they were very friendly. Really good fresh seafood options that we wouldn't normally have in the Midwest, and the baby liked watching the ocean.

The Starbucks in Malibu at the Trancas Country Market is apparently the place to be for star-spotting, but we only saw two completely unrelated old white guys in giant turbans (one's cup name said "Giovanni"). Their bathroom is locked and requires purchase, and has no changing table.

The first night, we had a good meal at Market City Caffe in downtown Burbank, which the baby seemed to enjoy as well. And on our night without the baby, we were able to get in at Pizzeria Mozza, which was tasty.

Yada yada yada it was great the end :)
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