Ancient cassette tape is finally broken, lost the track list ages ago.
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Deutsche Grammophon classical recording. Acquired it circa 1983. Title: Serenades and Romances, The World's Loveliest Music for Strings. I think the catalog or serial number is 413 655-4 but I can't find the track list online.

Side 1 is titled: Beethoven - Tchaikovsky - Bruch
Side 2 is : Bach - Dvorak - Beethoven

Other Details. On Side 1 it has a "P" in a circle followed by 1962/2: 1967/3: 1961
Polydor International GmbH, Hamburg
Side 2 is the same except it has the "P" followed by 1962/2: 1969.

I assume this indicates something like copyright or an earlier release of those tracks.

I don't care about replacing the tape, but I would at least like to know what the tracks are. They're probably greatest hits someone more up on classical music would know. Feel free to speculate, although I would really like to know which recording it is e.g. Georg Deutschlander conducts the Kongisberg Symphony Orchestra etc.
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Best answer: This is the back cover of the vinyl version.
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Best answer: (The cassette is based on a vinyl issue, 413 655-1, and searching for that catalogue number comes up trumps.)
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Response by poster: Well that was easy (for you, not for me, obviously. You even caught my typo. The 4 should have been a 1) Thank you!
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Tangential to the main point of your question - the p in the circle is similar to the familiar copyright symbol of a c in a circle.

The p covers the recording, but not the composition. The c would cover the composition but not the recording.
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