Tropical island summer vacation recommendation for college women
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My 19 year old daughter and her girl friend would like to visit a tropical island for a week or two, during the summer break, that is safe and has either public transportation or is easy to get around otherwise (they don't drive) and see the sights. Any suggestions? Requirements in order of preference: safe, island, beautiful, easy to get around without a car, other young people, not too hot, nice beaches, not too expensive (airfares from US, lodging, food), interesting places to explore. Thanks!
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The bahamas.
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Check this link about how to choose a Caribbean island.
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Where are they coming from? A few Hawaiian islands fit the bill, but they're not that affordable to get to from the east coast compared to the west coast.
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St. John, USVI!
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Puerto Rico? They won't even need a passport.
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It's not an island but my go-to destination is Playa del Carmen for simplicity. The main street in along the beach so the hotels, shops, restaurants, and beach are all walking distance from one another.

The main street is also is a pedestrian way (cars blocked) so it eliminates the need to go to a club to go do something. Strolling around 5th Ave feels very social since the restaurants spill out in to the street.
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Cozumel is just a short ferry ride from Playa del Carmen. It's an island, has cheap and plentiful taxis, has beaches for exploration and snorkeling, and might have some nightlife, but I go to bed too early to know anything about that.
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Seconding Hawaii - specifically the island of Oahu. I'm not sure where they are flying from but from the west coast it's not too pricey to fly to Honolulu. Oahu has a great public transit system - you can take the bus everywhere on the island. The other islands have public transit as well, but from what I've experienced, Oahu's is the best and easiest to use. They can use a website like Homeaway to find a place to stay that isn't one of the pricey hotels on Waikiki, and if you eat at small local joints or farmers markets, food is not that pricey either. The island is also safe and there are tons of fun places to explore. Also, just to mention - I lived in Hawaii for 6 months when I was 19, and had a blast.
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