Recommend me soccer goalie gloves please.
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I'm an adult male, 35 years old in a few days. I play soccer in a league. I play goalie. I kill a pair of gloves about once every season and a half. Please help recommend me a new pair?

I play indoor and outdoor, indoor is on high quality turf, some of our outdoor games are too. I play very aggressively and, to toot my own horn, am probably one of the best keepers in the league. The downside of throwing myself on the ground and diving into scrums is that I'm really, really rough on my gloves. I finally stopped buying ~$20 pairs a few seasons ago and got a nice pair of ~$65 Brine GK's, with the full finger inserts---like plastic spines, and they've REALLY improved my game, like a LOT. The palms are mostly worn through now though and the backs are split open, I don't really see any repairing them.

I'm NOT good enough to justify some of the $100+ pairs. I DO want something with the finger splines though, they've really helped me. Again I play on very hard ground and turf. I have small-to-normal sized hands for a guy my height, which is 5-7", I wear large in most gloves, I think these brine's are 8's or 9's. Is there a such thing as a pair that is pretty tough like these but will last more than a ~20 games?

Any hope for a fat old man?
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That's about the lifetime of a pair of gloves for an avid, active goalkeeper in my experience, even if you buy the $100 ones. I don't have a specific recommendation because, well, I never noticed much difference between gloves as long as they fit and have splines in them that don't restrict normal finger movement. If the pads are grippy enough, they're soft enough that they wear out. As far as I know (not a career 'keeper), that's just how it is.
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cmoj sounds about right to me. If a comparison might help, this how I justify my spending on running shoes that I have to replace after what seems like way-too-few miles. I mean, I go through the cheap ones just as fast as the $85+ shoes, but the difference in my running and in how my legs feel is obvious enough to keep buying the more expensive ones. It's just the price of the sport. If I feel bad about it, then I go price the carbon-fiber section of my local bike store and thank god I never caught the bike racing bug.

On the other hand, I don't splurge the reaaallly expensive shoes because I can't feel the difference between the $300 and my $85 pair. I say if the Brine's really worked for you, just get two pairs and know you'll have to toss them eventually.
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Response by poster: Well. Poop. Maybe I can convince my team to take up a collection for me, heh. I don't reaaaaaaaally feel like budgeting that kind of cheddar every season. The league isn't cheap. Booo. Thanks!!
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