Sonicwall tz215 2 isp's 1 lan and voip.
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In a nutshell my small family business has comcast as a isp and a 3d party voip provider. Comcast as a business grade isp is not good in my neck of the woods (Chicago). My research ( google) informed me that I could use a Sonicwall tz215 and a 2nd isp as a fallback in case (ie: when) comcast craps out. can I use the fully configured Cisco router (static ip's for the phones and computers and VoIP stuff ) in line from the Sonicwall. So what I'm thinking is isp/isp-->Sonicwall -->Cisco router -->dumb switch?? Can this be done --if so how?
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To be clear, is your goal to avoid having to reconfigure that stuff in the sonicwall or something else? I'm not super familiar with sonicwall, but I think you're setting yourself up for some pain and difficult troubleshooting if you set it up that way.
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How many phones are you trying to support? And does the Sonicwall have 2 WAN ports?

There are ways to do this, but you might look at a different angle.

Depending on who your VoIP provider is, they may offer mobility/twinning where designated alternate phone numbers will ring at the same time your normal phones do. If there is an outage, you still have the mobiles ringing.

There are also ways to build GRE tunnels between the circuits via your router, but again, it depends a bit on your VoIP provider.

Finally - how much work do you want to do? If you just don't want to deal with it, consider a completely managed VoIP service that deals with all of this for you. More expensive than the approach you're thinking of, but certainly available.
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Response by poster: 5 phones and i am trying not to reinvent the "wheel'

we have a contract with the voip provider for another 13 months
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