How much to replace LCD on Late 2010 Macbook Air?
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The LCD screen just went bad on my Late 2010 Macbook Air. Is it going to be cost prohibitive to replace it?

My MBA is my primary computer, so I can't really afford to go without it for too long. Fortunately, it's not the video card because I'm not having a problem hooking it up to a display with my Thunderbolt connector. A quick Googling indicated some people were being charged $600 at the Genius Bar, and I don't feel comfortable throwing that much into a repair. Is that accurate or is there any hope that I could get the screen replaced at a more reasonable amount?
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If you shine a flashlight on the screen when it should be on, can you see anything? If so it could be the backlight/inverter that's failed instead of the LCD, which I think should be cheaper. (Maybe the apple logo on the back is connected to the backlight also?)
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Response by poster: When I turn it on, I get a white screen with a single horizontal line in the upper third quadrant, then it shifts to vertical and horizontal lines of bluish gray in color. Earlier I was at least able to get the log in screen, now I can't even see that, just bluish grey lines.
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Best answer: You might be able to get a flat rate repair at the Apple Store. I had a similar issue with my slightly older MacBook Pro and paid around $300 for the flat rate repair service, where they fix anything they find, basically. I got a new LCD screen and a new battery.
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Best answer: Replacement screens are pretty cheap if you figure out that the screen itself is definitely the problem and want to repair it yourself.
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Best answer: Last year Apple has lowered the cost for screen replacement quite a bit. Other alternative is Techrestore for $219 + s&h
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I would only advise repairing the screens if you have patience and know what you are doing. I have the later, but not the former, so I always pay for my repairs.

There's no real way to guess costs until you have an accurate diagnosis. It could be just a bad cable connection (doubtful), but until you know for sure people will just be guessing. Apple gives an estimate for free.
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Best answer: Seconding you try flat rate repair. For $300 they replaced my MBP screen (the original reason I went there), found/replaced a faulty logic board (I didn't even realize it was bad) and also replaced the optical drive. Great service IMHO.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the flat rate repair suggestion! When I took it up to the Genius Bar, they quoted me $480 at first, until I specifically asked about the flat rate repair, which took it down to $280.
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