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When getting a new cell of the same brand (Nokia) and not switching companies, why do I have to re-enter all my phone numbers and settings? Isn't there an automatic way to copy all this stuff to my new phone?
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Go to a store for your company, and they should do it for you.

At least, they did it for me when I bought a new phone from them. But be warned, the automatic transfer can result in weird formatting differences.
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I use Sprint, and I've been able to take both phones into the Sprint store, and they will transfer all the data at no charge. Not sure how other providers would handle it though.
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Does your phone have a sim card? If it does and if you save your numbers onto the sim card all you have to do is put your old sim card into your new phone.
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Verizon charges $10 for this service.

We never stop working for you(r money)!
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Last time I got a new phone (Sony Ericsson, replacing a Sony Ericsson, though it wouldn't have made a difference if I was changing brands) with Orange (UK network) they offered to transfer all my numbers over in the shop; they've got a machine which reads everything on your SIM card, and can transfer it to a new one. (In the end, though, I didn't do it; I've got Bluetooth on my computer, so it was easy to transfer everything over that way, using iSync. If you're not on a Mac, I'm sure there must be some other programme you can use which performs the same function.)

Verizon charges $10 for this service.
Jesus. You need to change mobile companies ...
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Anyone have any experience with Cingular in this matter?

This seems like more work than it should be.
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The suggestion to copy it using the SIM is spot on.

You should be periodically backing up your address book to your SIM as well, so if the phone goes kerplooie you'll still have your numbers.
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Cingular-specific. Yep, everyone's right. Back up your numbers onto the sim card, put the card into the new phone, and presto. If you're having trouble or not sure, get the Cingular rep to help you. Some phones pick up the new data better than others.
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I moved from an N-Gage to a 6680 and I used Bluetooth to transfer contacts one at a time. The 6680, however, has a tool so that contacts can be moved to my next Nokia phone in a big batch.
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Jesus. You need to change mobile companies ...

Jesus. How many phones do you think he goes through? Wouldn't the economic cost of researching/comparing phone companies end up > $10?

To Brandon Blatcher: Yeah, just go into Cingular's nearest soulless storefront and ask them to do it.
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For just a one time transfer, I would also go to the nearest Cingular store to do this for you. If you plan on upgrading a few times, or if you just want to have a separate backup, you may want to google a USB data transfer cable for your phone.

DataPilot (demo here) sells the cable and software in one neat, phone specific package, although I think it's a tad expensive.

You can't get this CellStik USB backup device another three weeks, but this seems like an elegant solution.
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Is it wrong to think the Cellstik and DataPilot are totally hot?

Damn, they don't seem to do Mac. Cell phone teasing bastards.

Evidently my old phone (Nokida 6340i) does NOT have a swappable SIM card, but does have some data device for coming the data to a PC (No Mac, WTF?!) or another phone.

My new phone is a Nokia 6010, which seems to be a step backwards (it was a gift). Maybe I need to change that.

Can anyone reccomend a Nokia phone that works with Cingular that works well with the Macintosh program iSync? Or any phone that goes well with iSync?
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Regarding the SIM card method, even if you have saved your numbers on the phone itself, on Nokia phones you can move the contacts onto the SIM card and then use them on the new phone. The caveat is that depending on the card you may lose some of the data (addresses, long names etc).
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Can anyone recommend a Nokia phone that works with Cingular that works well with the Macintosh program iSync? Or any phone that goes well with iSync?

Apple says these should work.

If you find one you particularly like, double-check their support forums to see if there's any rough spots in support.

Links care of HowardForums, the Bull Goose Loony of celphone sites.
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DataPilot works like a bandit, and can be used to make regular backups of your cell phone memory contents just in case, too. I bought the "universal" package (which comes with cables for most popular phones) and have backed up my cell phone (LG) and my wife's (Nokia.)

When I moved to a new phone, it took me less than a minute to transfer all phonebook contents. Easy, if a tad pricey.
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Also, you can buy a data cable---Nokia appears to use the same data cable on most of its phones, but check to be sure---and backup your old phone to you computer then reload onto you new phone. I like this option because exporting my Outlook contact list to the phone is also dead simple.

Don't buy the cable from a store. I got an off-brand one from ebay for about a quarter of the price my carrier wanted for the Nokia cable retail.
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Sorry, I should mention: Nokia gives away the software you need to use the cable. It's here; the package you're looking for is called "PC Suite".
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Nokia 6630 and 6680 come with the "Transfer" tool, it can connect to any Series60 mobile and transfer old settings, applications, contacts, messages... everything. Very handy and quick. I used it to transfer up from my 6600 to 6680.

Another solution would be to use Nokia PC Sync tools or iSync (if your on a Mac).
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BitPim! Also, you can purchase data cables cheaply on ebay. I got an extended battery and data cable for $12, and BitPim is free.
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