Airplay and Apple TV Not Cooperating
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My friend's wi-fi signal drops when she turns on Airplay. Help?

My friend has had an Apple TV for several months, and only within the past few weeks has it started misbehaving. When she uses the ATV to, say, access Netflix, she doesn't have any issues with the wi-fi. And the network itself is pretty consistent; when she's just using the web on her Macbook Air, it rarely drops out.

But when she turns on Airplay from the Macbook, the Macbook's wi-fi connection drops out within seconds. When she turns the Airplay off, the connection's back. I've Googled for solutions, which led me to the Apple forums. Many of the help threads (which are older, to boot) suggest changing the router settings, but that's not possible--she lives in an apartment complex and so has no access to the router device. (The wi-fi is across the complex.)

Any ideas, hivemind? Thanks in advance.
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This is a known bug in OS X although I dunno how soon we'll see Apple squash it.
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Have they tried this?

It requires a little configuration file voodoo, so I'd make a backup of the files changed first, but it looks worth a try.
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