Trying to ID this SF book/story
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Please help me figure out what science fiction story this is. Here's what I believe I remember correctly (but we all know how fallible/inaccurate memory is):

Plot/story elements: I think the protagonist was female. She was on a quest of some sort, in some sort of fae land. She had companions. The magic of the land tried to change things and people. She lost her shoes and had to fashion foot wrappings because walking barefoot on the ground made her want to stay still and take root like a tree. In one scene, she and her party were wearily resting beneath a tree that had white blossoms. The flowers fell on them and refreshed them, restoring their health and energy. (Most likely written before 1992)

And that's it!

Sorry, it's a long shot, but I figure I've nothing to lose... (fingers crossed)
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Sounds something like the plot of the Gaia trilogy by John Varley.
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I remember the bit about turning into a tree, I am pretty sure this was one of Andre Norton's books, possibly in the Witch World series. Sorry I can be more specific but hopefully that narrows your search.
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Response by poster: I'll look into both those suggestions and report back. Thanks so far, and in the meantime, more thoughts welcomed!

Andre Norton was my entree into SF, and a favorite author, so that one seems especially promising... (off to the library)
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Best answer: You're talking about this book: Andre Norton, "Dread Companion." It's a weird of science fiction and faerie- I don't travel any other book like it.
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Happyroach has it! I love that book!
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Response by poster: Thank you! I am happily reunited with this book and reading it to the detriment of what I should be doing!
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