Shelf life of store-bought dorayaki?
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How long does mass-produced dorayaki (red bean paste filled pancakes) keep on the shelf, unrefrigerated? Difficulty: just ate the last one from a package that was first opened 2 weeks ago.

I bought a pack of individually wrapped (non-airtight cellophane) dorayaki 2 weeks ago from a local Japanese market. I did not realize they needed to be refrigerated after the main pack was opened -- not until I ate the last one 10 minutes ago, that is! I did check for mold before I ate it (there was none; probably thanks to the desiccant packet) and it generally tasted OK, except for an aftertaste that made me read the main package -- which then made me paranoid enough to turn to AskMe for knowledge.

So did I just eat a merely stale snack, or a possibly poisonous one? OK, I kid somewhat about the poisonous nature of my snack, but I've got moderate emetophobia and now I can't stop thinking that I might've ingested a time bomb. My brain is trying very hard to calm itself, but it only knows so much about dorayaki. So at the very least, I'm wondering if the need to refrigerate is a definite food safety thing, or if it's more of a taste/quality issue. How shelf stable is the red bean paste in a mass-produced dorayaki? Same goes for the pancakes, though they worry me less because there was no (obvious) mold.

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Anecdotally, I did the exact same thing in college two or three times and I was totally fine. They do taste better refrigerated.
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I grew up eating those and we never put them in the fridge. However, I doubt a pack ever lasted more than a week (was eaten within a week). They're not meant to be eaten cold.
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I've eaten old dorayaki and lived to tell the tale. Honestly, the only thing I noticed was that they were fairly stale. The bean paste, while not bomb-proof, tends to have quite a bit of added sugar, which helps with the preservative aspects. Indeed, it's basically the whole reason the stuff was invented in the first place. If the pancake part didn't look moldy, I really wouldn't worry.
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I grew up eating these also, and I think you're fine, aside from your taste buds not being thrilled.
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