how do I know if my treo 650 is unlocked
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I own a treo 650, how do I find out if it's unlocked. I looked in the battery compartment and could not find a sim card. Does this mean anything? My carrier is Cingular and I somehow do not have a contract and my rates are competitive. The reason I am asking is an upgrade is available for the phone and I want to know which one to install.
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Best answer: Go to Phone Info (menu-I from the phone screen) and read the software line. If the last three letters are ROW, it's unlocked. It should say Treo650-1.xx-ROW. If it says CNG, then it's locked (cingular), but it can be unlocked with a number of ROM flashers. If you want more on that, I suggest a google search, there's tons of info out there.
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