Blogs about Men's Wearables and Accessories
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I'm looking for some awesome blogs that highlight men's wearables and accessories.

I'm less interested in a site that comments on style and trends in general, and I'm more interested in a site that links to specific products that I can buy. Like, "here's a link to a sweet backpack!" I'm primarily interested in things like backpacks, wallets, shoes, all types of clothes, etc. Just cool stuff from off-the-beaten-path brands that I'd be unlikely to find myself.

I'm sure there are a million of these out there, so the more recommendations, the better.
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Nordic Fit
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Uprise Skateshop's insta features new arrivals to their shop, shot lovingly. Everything will be available in their webstore, or likely from your local skateshop. Uprise is a very long-running skateshop run by local dudes who love skating and have a great eye for streetwear.
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everyday carry
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Uncrate and Airows.
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There is a great blog which highlights male celebrities' outfits and puts together a list of products to imitate that style.

I think most outfits look great and are both wearable and affordable.
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Put This On is pretty great.
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