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Can a Google Groups user (Member) select to view only posts from a Owner/Manager? We are trialing use of Google Groups as an e-mail discussion forum, but would like an option for users to opt out of receiving e-mails from anyone other than an Owner or Manager if they don't want to participate. Does anyone know if this is possible and what the settings should be? I can only view the group as an Owner so I don't know what a Member would see as their options.
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I don't believe what you specifically request is possible in Groups, but (as an alternative) in my experience it's very common for mailing lists to be set up in pairs, with names like mytopic-announce and mytopic-discuss, where people can subscribe to just the first one if they only want to hear from official sources, and add the second one if they want to chat with other list members.
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I checked my Group settings and there's not an option to just receive owner/manager emails (pic). I also don't see an option to search for just owner/manager emails. I know Yahoo Groups has the just owner/manager email option but it's not very user friendly.
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