Need an eye doctor in Manhattan/Brooklyn who deals with post-LASIK
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I need the best eye doctor in Manhattan/Brooklyn for help with multiple post-LASIK complications.

I got LASIK in 1999 and it's probably my biggest regret. I knew within the first few weeks something wasn't right. My eyes were previously already dry and corneas thin and in retrospect, I was never a great candidate, but there wasn't nearly as much vetting back then.

In summary, my eyes are glassy, red, narrowed, light-sensitive and often feel very "raw", numb and strange, especially in winter time. I have been told many times I looked tired or stoned. The bags under my eyes have increased and my eyelids and brow sagged within months after the surgery which continues now, worsened with age. When I am speaking to people all I can concentrate on is the foreign sensation of being "aware" of my eyes. It affects my ability to compose my face, smile naturally and so forth, in additional to being anti-social.

The only thing that has helped was getting punctual plugs in both eyes in 2004, plus using high-quality eye drops night and day. I generally have to wear sunglasses whenever I'm outside.

Obviously, this has taken a toll both mentally, physically, cosmetically. I really need to solve this problem and I cannot seem to find a doctor who is much help with this multi-pronged problem. I also don't know how to Google very well because I'm not sure what sort of eye doctor to see or who would specialize in such a thing. Any suggestions in the Manhattan or Brooklyn area, which I'm new to?
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Perhaps Robert Latkany?

I've never seen him, but I have chronic dry eye and found his book to be very helpful. Good luck, and I hope you find the right doctor and solution.
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This doesn't directly answer your question, but when I had PRK last year I found that there are some active Internet forums for people specifically who have had lasik and/or have dry eyes. There could be some good information there for you, as more people will have knowledge about what you're looking for than do here on the green.
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Dr. Debra Guthrie, who has offices in midtown, is a good, thorough doctor with specialty in treating dry eye, post-LASIK and otherwise.
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