What to do with the C: drive on new workstation PC when first got it?
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I just lost my trusty laptop and decided to go for a professional level HP workstation for both my freelance video work and personal use. The computer will come with a 1TB drive, and I wonder what should I do to keep it efficient and healthy. I used to split a 500GB drive into 2 and have OS and program folders on C: and then the rest of my files on the second partition. Is it still practical thing to do with a now TB size drive nowadays? Or anything you would do instead? Or even things besides hard drive, please share with me, thanks! lan

I will be doing some 3D image and video work. For personal use, I will be playing some FPS games and watch some movies, which should not be biggie :p
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If i spent real bucks on a machine, id' want to be using the 1tb drive strictly for file storage, and booting from an SSD. I never partition anything anymore. 256gb SSDs have been as cheap as $50 recently, and i also saw a 512gb brand name model hit $99.

An otherwise high performance computer is being really, really held back nowadays by not having an SSD. It's a comparatively small price to pay, in the perspective of the whole machine, to get the performance you really deserve and can get out of that hardware.

Leave the 1tb drive for media, games you don't play that often, video editing scratch and whatever else.
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I have partitions and I honestly don't know why. It doesn't really serve any purpose. The C: drive is just meant, I think, to be designated as such show you can be sure you are reserving room where your operating system is.

That said, I agree that a solid state drive for your C: drive and everything else on a hard disk drive is deal. The computer will run faster. Just make sure the C: drive is large enough though if you do install a lot of programs, or install large games.
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Thirding an SSD for OS & Apps, with a large HDD for storage. I tend to point the Windows libraries to a separate storage partition or drive because it makes re-installs that much easier.

If I was shopping for an SSD right now, I'd probably be looking for quality over capacity - ie. rather get a good quality 128GB rather than a 256GB 'cheapy' for the same price.
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How hard drive intensive is your 3D image and video work? That may determine what kind of setup you want to go for with partions and drives, in some cases there are still advantages to either way. But I agree that an SSD, whether you get a smaller (I'd recommend 128GB as a pragmatic minimum) drive just to house the OS and a few important programs or a bigger drive to house some games and other stuff too, an SSD is a great quality of life increase on a PC. Everything is more responsive.
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Thank you all, guys! I decided to go for a SSD for OS route and have a large HDD for the video work, and perhaps another HDD for anything else since keeping them separated actually would save a lot of trouble later on when one part another needs to be replaced or upgraded.

Thanks again, all!


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