Best Personal Blog Design, 2015 Edition
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I'm redesigning my food blog, and am looking for inspiration! I read a lot of food blogs but almost all of them have verrrry similar setups: 2 columns, header, menu across the top, a variety of ads and widgets in one sidebar, yawn. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, but I also think that there is a lot more that could be done with the genre. Inspire me!

What are some of the best-designed personal blogs out there? Who looks more unique and interesting than your standard blogspot or wordpress blog? What are some design features that you would love to see, as a blog reader? My blog is a food blog, so large images and easily browsable categories are a necessity for me, but your examples don't have to be from the food blog world.

As an example of fresh design, I think I Am A Food Blog is doing something interesting with the full-page image at top and then having the blog posts be magazine-style tiles below. That's not actually my style, but I respect the vision and appreciate that she's doing something new.

As an example of helpful design features, I'm playing around with a super menu where all of my food categories will be visible when hovering over the menu, making my content more accessible with fewer clicks.

Now it's your turn: hit me with some links and feedback!
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I always liked this one.
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Nubby Twiglet and Star St. Germain are both longtime ladybloggers who do graphic design, branding, and web design work professionally; hence they both redesign their personal blogs a lot and are great at it.
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