Newer domain extensions - what's best for a personal page?
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What's the current thinking around using the newer domain extensions (.me, .info, etc.) for a personal home page?

Fifteen years ago I had a (somewhat) popular website and after it ran its course I just kept using the domain name for my email and homepage (photos, links to other projects). Now that its origins are thoroughly lost to the mists of Internet history (and thinking about printing up contact cards for an upcoming conference) I want a central domain that is more up to date.

I've more or less standardized on using the same username I have here everywhere else. The .com for that is being squatted upon but the .net and .org are available. The .net was my first instinct but is there a trend or advantage towards using the newer extensions such as .info, .me and .name (or any other) for non-business websites.?
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They're fine if you want people to not remember your URL. If you just want people to click on something and have a place to park it, fine. But if you want to send someone to and have them remember it later? They never will.
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NB that many addresses with new tlds will fail validation when entered into an external service.
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.horse! who could forget .horse?

" but you don't even like horses!"

"i know! i've never even ridden one."

"so why...?"

"so you'll never forget"
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info, .me and .name are so generic that they won't help anyone remember your site. If there was one that made sense or that you could turn into a word (, it might be worth it.
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I don't think there's any advantage to the way-new TLDs unless they're a perfect fit for what you're doing.
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I think a TLD that's distinctive is fine. I think .info is not, but I actually do think .me is. Go figure. One of my favorite podcasts uses (also, so I agree with destructive cactus.
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I have a domain like (e.g., or and my e-mail is my first initial at my last name (e.g., I find it to be pretty memorable, but I also don't go anywhere without a stack of my professionally designed personal calling cards in the back of my wallet and a tie, so ymmv.

I've set up a couple domains for friends, if your last name is common you may have to register instead (typically giving, or (giving

If there's not a TLD that corresponds to the end of your name, then I would pick something that rhymes (if you're lucky, or is just pronounceable ( is is good because it's just kind of existential, bike or fairground or clown while pronounceable probably doesn't relate to you, or if it actually does in some way I still wouldn't want to be defined by my love for bikes or *shudder* clowns.

(I then get fancy with url structures sometimes so you get and but it's diminishing coolness returns at that point.)
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Do people actually remember URLs? What use is a .com TLD if I can't remember if your url is,,,, or something completely different?

If I have emailed with someone before, I rely on gmail autocomplete to remember their address. I save business card info into Evernote. Otherwise, I just look them up on LinkedIn.
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I don't think there's any advantage to the way-new TLDs unless they're a perfect fit for what you're doing.

FWIW, .info and .name aren't particularly new (2000~2002), and .me is the perfectly legitimate TLD for Montenegro. It's not like they're from the new crop of .horse, .lemon, & .arse TLDs…
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