I know the towns are there, but how do I find them?
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Recently moved. Need to create a list of towns within 100 miles. A friend found a way to do it 4 years ago, but doesn't remember how he did it. Can you help?
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Here's a way to let the Internet do it. (Note: that is NOT a snarky "let me google that for you" link, that's actually cool little tool I just discovered and tested.)
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100 miles as the crow flies (so, like a radius) or 100 miles of driving on a road?
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[Comment removed; totally appreciate the attempt to be helpful, but please try to keep people's profile information, including location, out of answers unless they've specifically broached that themselves in the question. Don't want to accidentally feed google's index info that's only on people's pointedly-not-indexed profiles.]
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Wolfram Alpha can do this. For example: Towns within 50 miles of New London, CT (my current location). Replace with your desired radius and town as necessary. I don't know if it gets them all, and I suspect that it maxes out at a certain number of results (300?) if you don't have a "Pro" (paid) account.

My apologies for the protocol/etiquette breach in my previous, now-deleted comment.
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