Suggestions for Finding Interior/Architectural Designers
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I have a clothing brand and am going to have a pop-up store at local markets. Most sellers are semi-hippies who put up a tent, put out a rack and sell. I'd like the presentation to match my target market. (Successful masculine men who enjoy beach environments). I am looking for suggestions on where to find Interior/Architectural Designers

Think of a 10 x 10 stand designed to look like a Porsche. An impressive design that will stand out to men. It's important that I stand out amongst the rest of the sellers. Presentation is everything.

I am looking for suggestions as to who can help with both the interior design and architectural design. This includes ways to present the line without racks, how to enclose the space in a way that it feels warm and inviting, and what can be done to get maximum use of space with the minimum amount of energy expended (ease of setting up and taking down, ease of storage, etc).

I've posted at local art and architecture schools. I also had the idea of trading product to a professionals. What other options do I have and where can I look?
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Since you're going to have to have someone fabricate it, find local furniture builders?

For instance: I've got a friend who does a lot of furniture design, including display and presentation cases for various high end liquor brands. He's got designers he's worked with who he could recommend, or, since you've got a fairly bounded set of requirements, he could come up with something. (Two weeks ago I was up at his shop for lunch and he was working on coming up with the right spoked wheels for some awesome steampunk meets live-edge slap bedroom side-tables, the designer had laid out the house and given him pretty much free reign with a bunch of the furniture.)

Go find your local metals fabrication shop and ask them who does the most creative stuff with them. Our local big steel place turns out a lot of really cool plasma cut gates and fence segments for some local designers, wandering over there, seeing what's coming off the machines, and saying "oooh, who did that!" is a way I could see starting.
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Great suggestion, Straw. I live in Los Angeles. That would be great if your friend can refer a builder here.
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This isn't really interior or architectural design, this is visual merchandising. Look for books with that subject to narrow down your ideas. Then see if they can be adapted to the most critical element which is the set up and break down.
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There's lots of outfits that sell trade show, pop-up, exhibit and display fixtures in LA.
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Seconding this is Visual Design/Merchandising, this is in my wheelhouse! Where are you located? You can go to a boutique / haberdashery (what a great word!) you admire and ask who does their windows - might be someone independent that you can hire. Alternatively, you could hire a space planner / designer as a consultant who will help you with ideas and plans. Last resort, design what you want yourself (on paper) and just hire a qualified carpenter to build the thing.

By 'designed to look like a Porsche', are you talking about something that would look like a race car bed (giant) or the interior of a Porsche, like black leather and chrome? Theater people might be able to help too!
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