Which storage heater to buy?
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I have a small, one bedroom flat in London with no access to gas. I want to replace the existing (quite old) storage heater with something more efficient and effective. Which storage heater to choose? Would you have any hints, advice, comments? What should I consider when buying one? Have you got any positive experience with any modern electric storage heaters?

At the moment I am reading about "Fischer Electric Storage Heaters", "THERMOSTORE 58" and Dimplex. But have no idea which one to choose. Have absolutely no experience with storage heaters.

Appreciate any help!
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I wouldn't do this as a DIY project, YMMV.

Here's an article that talks about about efficiency in the types of heater.

Does the UK have an institution such as Consumer Reports? This is so helpful to have scientific and impartial testing done by a third party. Worth the $30 per year one pays.
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