Help me blow him away...
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I'm no stranger to blow jobs, and I'm not bad at them by far, but I still want to know: what is the move that blows you/your partner's mind out of the water?
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My husband says that there is nothing better than simply having the person give him a blow job look like they are really enjoying it too.
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This comment should give you all the advice you need.
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Is there some specific "him" in this scenario (and if there is, are you trying to surprise him)? Because it strikes me that what one person finds mind-blowing, another may not. ("Enthusiasm" is likely to get a good response from most, but it's also not really a move.)
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Get on your knees (or elbows) and use BOTH hands - one for supplementary stroking, another for, erm, more southernly action (ball-stroking, etc). But honestly, the thing that elevates one's game beyond any other is enjoying it, LOVING it, treating it like a passionate makeout session between you and a smouldering-hot stranger you may never see again after this night.
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BJs are very recipient specific - at extremes, some dudes will insta pop and others just can't get off from oral at all. Orgasm != pleasure, but the same variety applies.

Asking is iffy; people are often very bad at knowing what they like, let alone describing it in an implementable fashion. Unfortunately your best bet is empirical study; look for gasps, flexion, and changes in facial expression.

But yes, like all sex acts, most people like enthusiasm.
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This might seem counterintuitive but don't forget to pay attention to how it feels to you. Enjoy the sensations on your tongue, in the rest of your mouth, and in your hands. A blow job doesn't have to be a one-sided event. What feels good to you? As long as he likes it, do at least some of that. Then tell him how much you like it.
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I'd like to second drool.

But as for a specific mind blowing move I would say hold his penis in your mouth for a long time, however long you like, not so long as to interfere with breathing. When it gets intense then back off completely and blow or kiss the tip lightly for a while. The difference between the two states is pretty exciting and pushing yourself to a little bit of a limit can be super hot.

Finally, counter to popular opinion, I would suggest no hands. Especially not for him. Like mcduff says about focusing on your sensations, I think using your hands takes away from his focus on your mouth, lips etc. and it turns into a less intimate act.
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This comment should give you all the advice you need.
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Aw, thanks! There are two things I wish I'd added to that:

1) As has been pointed out here enthusiasm! When in doubt just slobber a whole bunch.

2) Look into his eyes sometimes, especially if your hair is longer and it's down and you're sort of looking sultry through a curtain of hair while you are giving the blow job. It can be very effective.

what is the move that blows you/your partner's mind out of the water?

Something that works for this, I think, is actually taking it as far down your throat as you possibly can, until you gag. Don't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable physically or emotionally, but if you're up for it it gets a very positive response.

Also, using your fingers and tongue very, very gently on the testicles. Make little circles so lightly you're barely touching them and, if you're very sure of your control, suck them VERY VERY careful just a TINY bit into your mouth. This can go from amazing to painful quickly so be warned.
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Oh yeah also if I'm giving like a special occasion as opposed to more perfunctory blowjob then I will probably deep throat a few times taking the penis all the way out of my mouth in between, like, all the way down the throat, come back up pressing my tongue along the underside of the shaft, penis out of mouth look up into eyes, then deep throat again, doing this a few times pretty slowly before speeding up into a final blowjob rhythm.
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Absolutely person specific.

This may freak some people out, but try fingering the lips of his rectum. No need to penetrate or "get in there" or anything, just the outside lip.

Warning, some people may freak the fuck out.
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Technically not purely a BJ maneuver, but I find a quick break from BJ to HJ + kissing or other biting to back to BJ to be super amazingly hot. Plus it gives the BJ'er a chance for a break if they need it without it seeming like they *need* a break for recovery, which can be a mood killer.
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a finger up the bum, short nails. if the arsehole contracts you're doing a good job your "canary" in the mine of pleasure to speak

buckets of saliva

bursts of eye contact. I'd practice my downturned seductive glance with a screen actress like charlize theron for reference. in between laughing :D save them til after he gets into it

don't neglect the balls or perineum

get comfortable too, curling up into a ball with your head on his belly and his dick in your mouth is halfway between spooning and a sex act. and it opens up his underside for your fingers. it's great.

if you can, swallow to the base. use varieties of porn to glean what you need to and dump the fantastical stuff you dont.
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Put one hand around the base of the shaft and pull the skin taut, then work on the tip.
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Also, not everybody likes the whole drool/spit thing. It seems mostly like a trickle-down influence of gonzo porn.
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Sip a bit of hot peppermint tea and hold it in your mouth while you take him in your mouth.
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