Lingerie stores for bra fitting in the SF Bay area (Peninsula)
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Looking for suggestions for lingerie stores that offer expert bra fittings in the San Francisco Bay Area, preferably on the Peninsula. Thanks.
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Nordstrom. Always Nordstrom.

I've been to the one in Stanford Shopping Center and it was great.
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A Revelation in Fit in Oakland was opened by a frequent contributor to Reddit's A Bra That Fits community. She really knows her stuff, and has some very hard-to-find brands there.
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A La Folie in Rockridge is, obviously, not on the Peninsula, but is well spoken of. (NB google maps places it near Piedmont, which is its old location; it's actually in Rockridge.)
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Another vote for Nordstrom. Professional, lots of choices. But you'll end up with Wacoal.
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If you're small-busted, Lula Lu in San Mateo.

I've had a good experience at the Nordstrom at Hillsdale too.
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I had a pretty bad experience at the Nordstrom at Stonestown, and although it was a while ago, I don't remember them having as good a selection as the downtown SF Nordstrom. In general though, I do think Nordstroms are good.
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I recently had a great experience at Nordstrom, albeit in Ohio. And I definitely ended up with lots of Wacoal.
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Nordstrom at an upscale mall (varies from mall to mall).
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Response by poster: So Lula Lu turned out to be a bust (sorry, couldn't resist). Though their website says they carry sizes up to B, in their store, they only have A and smaller (something they neglected to mention when we scheduled an appointment). That did not work for my friend.

However, a little Googling brought us to Charmelle 28, which was just a couple of minutes away in Burlingame. There, we got exceptional service from Margaret—my friend called her fitting "life-changing"—and had a really good time to boot. The prices are not cheap—you're probably going to spend at least $100 per bra—but the quality is great and the experience is top-notch. I can't recommend it highly enough.

(They also have a second location in Palo Alto with a different name, Gitti's Fine Lingerie.)
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