Extra long karate gi top
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I have a long torso (36" sleeve) and I'm currently wearing the longest gi top I could find locally. It has a tendency to ride up and I'm constantly pulling it down. Is there someone who sells extra long karate uniform tops anywhere (and takes credit cards)?
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What weight are you looking for? Lightweight? Heavyweight?

I advocate ordering one special, honestly. My legs are absurdly long and as such, the only way I could get a gi to fit properly was to order a special gi. (I also prefer heavyweight gis for various reasons.) I can tell you my size 7 Tokaido gi top ties at about mid-thigh for me, while the guys in class with longer torsos and shorter legs but a similar height (6'0") have traded around and seem to settle between a 5 and a 6.
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Response by poster: I usually wear something like the "super middleweight" from Century in size 6 but I'm wearing a Macho one now since it was somewhat longer. I'm not really big, just tall. It's just the top I have a problem with, finding pants is no issue. I could afford to go custom but I was hoping someone had longer tops as a standard product.
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Best answer: Century and Macho are both more "American" fit - you're looking for a more "traditional Japanese" fit with a longer gi top then. You can get a Tokaido gi through Amazon, but Shureido habitually has longer tops overall. Look for WIKF tournament approved stuff or, as it's sometimes called "tournament cut" to get the longer gi top.

Take a look at this gi and compare it to a Macho karate gi.
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