"Clothes. Fragrances. Massages. Mimosas. Fine leather goods."
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I have a birthday and another life achievement milestone coming up this weekend. I'd usually want to celebrate with close friends and family but I'm newly single and am not really up to discussing it with people yet. I do have family/ friend celebrations planned next week so instead I'd like to mark the day by engaging in some luxury solo self-care. Suggestions? Snowflake: I'm in Hong Kong.

Money is not an object within reason (500 bucks, ok. 5k... no.). Unlike desjardins (I am also looking at those answers) I love the mani-pedi-makeup thing. Can you recommend specific experiences (hot stone massage, a long walk on the beach) or products (Dr. Hauschka lip balm, cashmere socks) that I should have/ buy to achieve an incredibly indulgent, relaxing, self-celebration?
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If you have a weekend free, I'd do a trip out to Vietnam or Shanghai. (Unless this is not particularly unique or special to you in which case, somewhere else close, relatively cheap but interesting and fun). Maybe do a guided tour or just find a beach and have a massage and cocktails. It will cost more than $500 but a lot less than $5000.

I suggest this because when I turned 30 I had just ended an 8 year relationship but didn't want to be around family and be forced to focus on what I had lost. I instead took two weeks off and drove around a world class wine and arts region, meeting people and staying at hostels. It's one of the best memories I have. Take a mini break. Focus on you. You won't regret it.
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Happy Birthday!

Is Chuan Spa in your price range? Because that looks pretty flipping fantastic!

I love the idea of starting with a bathing ritual, then a massage and other rituals geared to balance and well being.

Then I'd get dim sum or noodles for lunch.

(MAN! I have to get to Hong Kong!)
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Since you already saw my question, I ended up buying a very pretty thing for my apartment so that I can remember my life achievement milestone every time I look at it. To me, that was better than a one-time experience, but YMMV. I have zero idea what Hong Kong is like, but perhaps jewelry or something else you would wear every day (or on special occasions) would be more applicable to you. I just like having a tangible thing to remind me that I accomplished something.
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Is a spa afternoon and night at one of Hong Kong's legendary schmancy hotels an option? Because a sequence of:

1. Spa afternoon in the gorgeous hotel spa
2. Post-spa nap in giant hotel bed
3. Room service or solo I'M SINGLE AND DELIGHTED ABOUT IT dinner in either the bar or the restaurant downstairs

sounds like a pretty good way of celebrating.

If you do it at the Mandarin Oriental, you can arrange to have something from the famous on-site cake shop delivered to your room for post-spa, pre-nap eating.

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My husband and I are planning a Treat Yo' Self Day! The aspects that might translate well to your day are:

A week beforehand, get a facial so my skin looks and feels great. Also get my eyebrows waxed.

Get a manicure and pedicure by myself. Bring a favorite book to read during the pedicure so I can relax and really enjoy being by myself while someone is nice to my feet.

Go to the Kate Spade store. I LOVE Kate Spade purses and this sort of fits in with desjardins' "Something you'd use every day" idea. It will be a fancy and expensive splurgy treat for me that I will use all the time, plus the bags there smell so good. This is really the main thing for the day.

Dress up fancy and go to a nice high tea at a swanky hotel. This is something else you could totally enjoy doing by yourself! Find a ritzy hotel and take your nice new bag/jewelry/whatever and a book and have some tea in a quiet, relaxing space while someone brings you scones and finger sandwiches. This will be so delightful.

After that we'll probably go to an art museum and then a fancy dinner we can't really afford and get pretty drunk and then go home.

I don't know if this is helpful, but the aspects of it I like are:

1) Some nice alone time (I've also got time with my husband but you could enjoy basically any of this by yourself, especially with a good book. Bring Agatha Christie! That's what I'll do! Let me know if you want suggestions for pleasant but engaging Agatha Christie books!).

2) Makes me feel physically good about how I look which improves my confidence ( pedicure, I'm also going to Sephora).

3) Gets me some long-term tangible rewards (extra eye shadow, fancy purse).

4) Gives me some experiences on which I can look back fondly (tea, mostly -- I love high tea)

If you figure out one fancy thing you'd like to get and buy that and have a manicure/pedicure and high tea and then take yourself out for a drink or two and a light dinner (if you have tea late you won't be that hungry) I think it would feel like an amazingly luxurious, splurgey afternoon with some long-term payoff that won't break the bank. Good luck, have fun, and happy birthday!
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