RFPs & E-rate funding for schools & libraries
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I'm trying to find out if requiring an RFP for proposed e-rate projects increases the chances of a successful application.

Form 470, which is due tomorrow, asks this question.

More info about e-rate here for the curious: http://www.usac.org/sl/

I haven't been able to find an answer online & don't know anyone who might know the answer ...
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Best answer: It isn't a matter of a chance of success - RFPs are required to be qualified for e-rates. It's not like applying for schools where you might randomly get rejected. Schools don't get some random amount of money, it is a very defined % based on your Free & Reduced lunch count. You always qualify for that %, granted you fulfill all the requirements such as submitting RFPs. Don't try to wing it - you can get audited and you have to provide paperwork. It's happened to me.

If you school doesn't know what's going on, I'd suggest contacting an e-rates consultant or a local coop who might be able to help right now. The entire process is rather convoluted. I used eRate Program at my old school, and had solid luck with them. There are a number of other consulting companies out there, too.

Edit: I see you're a librarian. I don't know how your situation differs from schools, but I'd assume RFPs are still required.
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In my experience in school administration, all things e-rate are handled through the technology director and/or the business office.
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