Low cost dental options in NYC
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Combination of genes and lack of fluoridated water when I was growing up made my oral health a perpetual issue. My attempts to get a handle on the situation, resulted in dental bills I have been unable to afford. Now that I am covered by insurance (both Cigna and Delta Dental plans) I am wondering if anyone can recommend low cost options for dental work (I will need a lot of it). I am looking at dental schools, and other subsidized opportunities to get this started. Thus, I would appreciate any specific recommendations for NYC area (all boroughs). Thanks in advance.
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NYU Dental school. Manhattan.
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This may not be an option for you, but it's worth researching - Dental Tourism in Mexico is a very real and viable thing things days. *especially* if you need a lot of work, the combination of the airplane ticket down and the work itself may still work out to be less than what you'd pay to a someone here in the US.
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Dr Vatrenko at Smile America on Rivington St on the lower east side is really good. I had some cosmetic dentistry redone by her (at less than half the price of the fancy dentist who did the initial work) and also fillings and root canals. I have the highest regard for her. Looking at yelp I see that her wait times are an issue, but I live in the neighborhood so her office just usually gives me a rough time estimate and calls me when she is ready for me.
Not sure which insurances she takes, but I find the prices very reasonable.
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Seconding NYU. I went to college and law school there, and had all my dental appointments during that time at the dental school. Every experience was great, and with the exception of the longer wait times (maybe 25% longer or so, to give instructors time to check on students' work), it was every bit as professional and thorough as a trip to a regular dentist's office.
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