Where to stay on Vieques?
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Mr Bellastella & I are going to visit Vieques this fall. We had a lovely experience in Culebra two years ago, stayed at a small guesthouse and loved it! Vieques looks like a place we will really enjoy, and we like the idea of a room or casita, or guesthouse. We're looking at Esperanza, but that's not written in ink yet.

The particulars: two mid 50's adults. We'll be there for a week. We are on a budget, and would like to be walking distance to beaches, attractions (the Malecon!!) and scenic areas. Ideally there would be a kitchenette or basic cooking facilities, so we can do breakfast/other meals as necessary. Local charm would be most welcome! A quiet restful place would be great.

So, got any personal experience with renting a vacation place on Vieques? Recommendations, suggestions,
things we shouldn't miss..bring it on!
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I know the people who run Casa Estrella and they are awesome. I have been to Vieques three times but each time with a group of people so I haven't stayed there yet myself. You won't find more conscientious owners.
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Best answer: Last year, we stayed at Casa Luna Llena and it was fantastic! It's a few blocks from the Malecon and just a block away from a nice new public park.

We're going back in a few months and can't wait. Esperanza is awesome. We did visit Isabel Segunda on a day trip, which was nice, but we preferred to stay in Esperanza.

If it's in your budget, don't miss Next Course for dinner! It was absolutely amazing, and after having talked to Buddy, the chef, we kept running into him around the island -- at farmer's markets, at the park with his kid, and at the airport picking up shipments of seafood. After a week there, we really felt at home.
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I recently stayed at Hacienda Tamarindo. It's a couple of minutes outside of Esperanza. Very nice. Low key. Not the cheapest.
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Best answer: I've gone to Vieques a couple of times and have rented a house through VRBO both times, so am not a good source for guesthouse experiences. But I have had very good luck with rentals and the prices are reasonable. We have stayed away from the northern side of the island and found places near the middle. Its a small island so getting where you need to go isn't time consuming, if you have a car.

One thing I would caution you about, however, is that it is not a great walking island. thing are very spread out and public transportation is nonexistent. By far the nicest beaches on the island are the old Navy beaches (blue beach, red beach, secret beach) and they are several miles from any lodging on dry, dusty, dirt roads. And while Esperanza has a few nice restaurants - don't miss El Quenepo - but not enough to keep you happy for a week. The others are scattered on the rods criss-crossing the island and you will need a car (also, figure out when the Sol Food truck is open (lunches only on certain days of the week) and get their pulled pork). So, the bottom line I always tell people that the first thing you do when picking dates to visit the island is to make sure a jeep is available for rent. The two companies that I hear are trustworthy is Avis and Maritza's Rentals. To get to the beaches you are going to need four wheel drive and a lot of clearance, and there are not a lot available, so take that into account in your planning.

Vieques is beautiful. Because of its history the place feels locked in the 1960's, there is very little in the way of large-scale development (except for the accursed W) The beaches are massive and beautiful and no one is there. We have been on mile long beaches in perfect weather with only a half dozen other people. If you can, find a boat charter for a day, there are great snorkeling sites around the island that are best visited by boat. If you are at all history buffs, Vieques history is ugly, but has left interesting artifacts. We explored an abandoned sugar plantation from the 1800's which were right next to several hundred abandoned US military bunkers.

Anyway, you should love the island. Feel free to ping me if you have any questions.
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