Where do I buy a wavy cheese cutter?
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Does anyone know where one could buy a "wavy" cheese cutter?

My Aunt is a skilled artist that makes amazing pottery and is looking for such a tool to cut clay. She has tried to make one herself but to no end. We know they exist since we have seen works that would require the use of such a tool. Any suggestions??
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the words you're looking for are "crinkle cutter". A quick search of google for "crinkle vegetable cutter" should yield what you want.
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Something like this, maybe? They're generally sold as vegetable slicers or crinkle cutters, though.
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Well, you know how there are cheese slicers with the little wire that run across like this? This is more like what I am looking for
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I doubt there are wire knives with the wavy profile. The wire would need to be a very thick gauge to withstand having the bends in it, and the thicker gauge would make it useless as a cutting tool.
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I own one of these
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In woodworking, there are three ways I know of to make a "wavy" surface.

1. A wavy blade on a planer blade. Not applicable in this case.

2. Using a spindle gouge when something is being turned on a lathe. Possibly applicable in this case as the piece might be turning on a wheel.

3. Using a carving gouge and hand carving the pattern. Very applicable I would think.

The idea that one can readily create a wavy pattern with a singular tool to make a pattern strikes me as dubious. The control necessary when stopping and starting with a "crinkle cutter" seems untenable.
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